Youth embraces death after a breakup in Siliguri

Siliguri, 11th January: In a heart-wrenching incident, a youth in Siliguri allegedly committed suicide following a breakup with his girlfriend. The deceased youth has been identified as Sahil Majumdar, a resident of Arabinda Pally, who had mentioned the date of his death on his Instagram bio before the incident.

According to reports, the youth’s body was found hanging from the noose at his grandmother’s apartment. The incident left the youth’s family devastated by the loss of their only son. It is to be noted that Sahil Majumdar worked for a private corporation after graduating from college. During this, the youth was involved in a romantic relationship with a woman.

However, based on information received from his friends, the youth had recently split up with his lover. This left the youth unable to cope and suffering from a mental breakdown. On Wednesday night, Sahil visited a friend’s place and returned home at night after dinner. However, he went missing later in the morning and his cellphone had been turned off. Alarmed, the youth’s family searched for their missing son and arrived at his grandmother’s flat located adjacent to his residence.

Upon arriving at the flat, the family members found that the door was locked from inside. To their dismay, after opening the door they found Sahil’s lifeless body hanging from the ceiling fan. Meanwhile, the Siliguri police were informed of the incident and the officials promptly arrived at the scene. It was later discovered on the youth’s Instagram account that he had previously edited his bio to the date of his death. Consequently, his friends and family believe that the youth claimed his life after his relationship had come to an end.

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