Youth accused of forcibly marrying a minor in Rajganj

Rajganj, 28th January: A youth has been accused of forcibly marrying a minor in Rajganj. It has been alleged that the police did not take any step, despite a complaint was lodged at the police station by the family members regarding the incident.

According to sources, the family of the said minor, resident of the Payachari area of ​​Rajganj, alleged that the girl was over a neighbor’s house, on October 19, when a youth from the Talma Hat area lured her into marrying him in a local Kali temple, with the help of the said neighbor.

Despite many complaints lodged at various concerned departments of the administration, the family members are disappointed as no action has been taken so far. It has been reported that the family members have informed the Chief Minister about the incident through the Postal Department. Meanwhile, the minor’s widowed mother is looking forward to her daughter’s return and hopes that justice will prevail.

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