Yogita Raghuvanshi – India’s first woman truck driver reaches Siliguri

Siliguri, 06th December: There are many such moments in our life when one decision can change the entire fate. Many decisions are taken under compulsion and for many, a lot of planning. Furthermore, living in a society that will always look at you in a different way, if you take up something that does not fall under the stereotypical gender roles makes it no less difficult. However, when some choose to break the restrictions of society and change the course of life from losses to profitability, they become an inspiration for millions.

We write in regards to one such inspiration, Yogita Raghuvanshi. She is a simple woman with high aspirations and also India’s first woman truck driver. The 51-year-old is a resident of Bhopal. Stranded on the streets holding the hands of her two children, after the death of her husband, Yogita decided to flow against the tide. Despite holding a bachelor’s degree in law, she knew that she could not earn much as a fresher in the profession of law. And so, Yogita chose to drive trucks on the highways.

Shuttling between cities across the country with her truck had its inevitable load of problems when she started out but Yogita said, she soon got tuned to the challenging, all male world of truck drivers. Yogita has been driving a truck delivering goods across the country for more than a decade.

Today, Yogita Raghuvanshi reached Siliguri after loading goods from Guwahati in her truck. A crowd of people gathered to see the woman truck driver.

“People think only men can drive trucks, but I do not think so. I have chosen this profession as my livelihood after the death of my husband. Now this work has become my favourite job,” Yogita said.

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