World’s most expensive mango, “Miyazaki mango” in Mango Festival Siliguri

Siliguri, 09th June: In the Mango Festival organized in a mall located in Matigara, Siliguri, one variety of mango has come to the limelight. This mango is also known as Miyazaki mango which is attracting people with its color and price.

According to reports, the 7th Geetanjali Mango Festival has started today in Siliguri in which a total of 250 different mango stalls have been set up. A farmer named Shaukat Hussain of Birbhum participated in this festival with 10 pieces of Miyazaki mango.

Reportedly, the mangoes are currently sold for one to two thousand rupees per piece in the Festival. Upon an increase in demand, there will be an auction. According to Birbhum’s farmer Shaukat Hussain, one and a half years ago he had planted 5 trees of Japanese Miyazaki mangoes out of which a total of 38 mangoes have grown in one tree this time.

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