Workers of Tirhana Tea Estate stage protest demanding bonus ahead of Diwali

Bagdogra, 10th November: The workers of the Tirhana Tea Estate of Bagdogra resorted to a protest demanding a bonus following the unavailability of the plantation management on Friday. On this day, the workers were expecting a bonus; however, the plantation management was allegedly untraced. It has to be noted the estate management was gheraoed during a meeting on November 2 to discuss the aforementioned demand.

As per reports, on Thursday night, the management had allegedly provided a written letter assuring the workers of a bonus. Despite the assurance, the tea estate management allegedly did not turn up. Following this, the tea workers expressed their displeasure regarding the management’s disappearance. The workers claimed that the agitations would continue if their demands were not addressed.

In this regard, Darjeeling District INTTUC President Nirjal Dey stated that the matter has been informed to the Trinamool Tea Garden Workers Union, in the interest of the workers. He added that the Labor Minister and Secretary were also alerted about the issue. Furthermore, he stated that the protests regarding the demands of the workers will continue.

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