Workers in the tea estates are not just voting machines: HPWU President Sudesh Rai

Darjeeling, 15th April: GNLF Labor Organization (HPWU) Darjeeling Branch Committee President Sudesh Rai via a press release said, “workers in the tea estates are not just voting machines. We strongly oppose the dual policy imposed by the Central, State government and the GTA on tea workers.”

According to Rai, after the state allowed a 25% workforce in the tea garden, it was immediately put into force by the garden’s management. Now the question arises that if they implemented this said directive so instantly, then why have they not implemented the directive issued before it; where the government had asked them to pay the long-pending wages of the tea laborers.

The HPWU President demanded that wages should also be given to the remaining 75% of the laborers. If this cannot be fulfilled by the management then a 100% workforce along with their designated wages should be provided.

Also, proper protective gear and health insurance should be provided to every tea garden laborers on behalf of the management and the government.

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