Workers in Haldia Precision Engineering Private Company cease work in support of various demands

Siliguri, 01st April: The workers of the Trinamool Congress approved INTTUC stopped their work today in support of various demands including a safer working environment.

The Haldia Precision Engineering Private Company employs about 150 workers. Workers from far and wide including Siliguri, Fulbari, Ambari come to work in this gas cylinder factory. However, the company was closed for some time amid the lockdown, but then issued a notice directing the workers to return to work.

The workers did return to work but with a concern that the company is playing with their health. Eventually, the INTTUC opposed and protested against the company. On Wednesday, the Convenor of the Dabgram-Fulbari zone INTTUC strongly advised the workers not to join the work.

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