Women of Chakiabhita lead the protest demanding the closure of liquor shop in Ambari

Rajganj, 11th February: Women in Chakiabhita of Ambari, Rajganj, staged a demonstration demanding the shutdown of liquor shops in the area. It is to be noted that a licensed liquor store in the area was closed after the administration assured to resolve the issue followed by a massive agitation on January 20. However, when the store resumed operations on Sunday, the women of the Chakiabhita Anti-Alcohol Committee gathered and demonstrated in front of the shop.

As per the information gathered, a departmental store initially opened in the Chakiabhita area of Ambari about 8 months ago. However, the store began selling foreign liquor soon after opening. On January 20, the women protested demanding the shutdown of the liquor store which prompted its closure. On Sunday, the women joined the protest when the store resumed operations.

In this regard, the women stated that they have participated in protests several times demanding the closure of the liquor shop. Despite this, the shop resumed operations again. In view of this, the protesters had applied for the shop’s closure in various locations but to no avail. Thus, they demand the issue to be resolved. In response, Raju Mandal, an employee of the shop, asserted that the shop has been opened lawfully followed by government licensing.

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