Woman found hanging from the noose at Rajganj

Rajganj, 10th May: The Panikauri area of Rajganj was engulfed in shock and disbelief following the discovery of a woman’s lifeless body hanging from a noose. The deceased, identified as Ila Roy (27), had been married for just three months before the tragic incident occurred.

According to reports, Ila, a resident of Manthani area of Belakoba married George Mitra of Panikauri More, after befriending him. Notably, since her marriage, she had been suffering from mental stress for which she was on medication after consulting a doctor. Shockingly, yesterday, Ila was found hanging from the noose at her home. Her father, upon receiving the distressing news, rushed to the scene only to discover the door locked and his daughter’s lifeless body hanging inside.

Without delay, the Rajganj police were alerted about the incident. Upon their arrival, they secured the scene and retrieved the deceased’s body, initiating a preliminary investigation. Ila’s father expressed confusion as to why his daughter resorted to such an extreme step, admitting that he considered her husband to be a good person.

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