Woman cheated of Rs 25,000 after fraudster swap her ATM card in Fulbari

Fulbari, 01st April: A woman who had gone to check her bank balance at the ATM was cheated of Rs 25,000 by fraudsters who swapped her ATM card. The incident took place on March 25 in Fulbari Jorepakri area adjacent to Siliguri. 

Reportedly, the victim, Rukhsar Khatoon went to withdraw cash from the ATM of a nationalized bank in Fulbari, on March 25. On seeing a crowd at the ATM, she left only after checking the balance. Later, when she went to the ATM again to withdraw money, she faced difficulty in withdrawing cash. On closer inspection, she realised that her card had been swapped. 

After a while, Rukhsar received a message on her mobile phone that Rs 25,000 had been withdrawn from her account. She then lodged a complaint at the NJP police station. On the basis of the complaint, the police are investigating the entire matter. 

In this regard, Rukhsar Khatoon said that she had taken a loan and had gone to the ATM to withdraw her instalment. She said that while she was checking her bank balance at the ATM, a person was standing behind her. She suspected that the person might have swapped her ATM card.

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