Woman and her 10-month-old seek justice, husband denies all allegations

Siliguri, 09th September: Sensation prevailed after a man from the Siliguri Ward No. 37 Chayanpara area allegedly kicked out his wife and 10-month-old child from his house. Following this, the helpless woman staged a sit-in protest on Tuesday in front of her in-law’s house demanding punishment for the accused.

However, Lily’s husband Pranabendu Chowdhury, through Siliguri Times, has denied all the allegations.

According to the report, Lily Das, a resident of Hatighisa Naxalbari, married Pranabendu Chowdhury, a resident of Chayanpara, Siliguri, in 2019.

As per Lily’s allegations, Pranabendu, as well as his family members, used to often torture her since their marriage and have kicked her out of the house several times in the past too.

Apparently, this is Pranabendu’s third marriage which she came to know about much later. Lily alleges that her husband is currently involved in an illicit affair with another woman and also has a daughter with the same.

However, denying all the allegations, Chowdhury accused his wife and mother-in-law of conspiring to send his mother to an old age home.

Meanwhile, Lily once again approached the Ashighar outpost police today concerning the whole matter. She stated that the police assured them of helping in all legal matters.

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