Woman accused of killing husband in Siliguri, investigation underway

Siliguri, 24th July: Sensation prevailed after a woman found herself in the midst of accusations following the discovery of her husband’s lifeless body. The incident unfolded in the Jamai Bazar area, adjacent to Battala, Samar Nagar, under the jurisdiction of Pradhan Nagar Police Station. The deceased has been identified as Tapan Ghosh.

According to reports, on Monday morning, local residents made a grim discovery when they found Tapan’s body hanging from a noose in his house. The matter was immediately reported to the Pradhan Nagar Police Station. Upon receiving the information, the police promptly arrived at the scene, recovered the body, and transported it to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) for a post-mortem examination.

Amidst the unfolding investigation, the brother of the deceased and some locals have raised suspicions, contending that Tapan did not take his own life, but instead, his wife was responsible for his death. They alleged that the wife, along with her sister and a friend, had assaulted Tapan before staging the incident to make it appear like a suicide. Notably, the couple also has a son.

Expressing their distress over the alleged murder, the locals shared their anguish. In response, the police took control of the situation, apprehending the deceased’s wife, sister, and friend for questioning. Currently, the police are investigating the entire incident to ascertain the truth behind the tragic event.

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