With the victory of BJP, Kalimpong will develop economically and socially: Raju Bista

Kalimpong, 08th April: MP Raju Bista participated in a public rally and Griha Sampark Abhiyan in the Sinji, Samthar, Samalbong area in Kalimpong in support of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) candidate Suva Pradhan from Kalimpong Assembly constituency today.

MP Raju Bista praised the tourism and the agricultural productivity of Kalimpong and further regarded the people of Kalimpong as pioneers of Floriculture and Horticulture in the region. He expressed concern for the youths of Kalimpong as lack of financial aid, marketing, and exploration of the market may oppress the potential youths in creating Kalimpong as the organic agricultural hub.

Later in a statement released by Raju Bista, he claimed the West Bengal government under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has failed to implement a single scheme regarding the promotion of rural entrepreneurship and suppressing the economic potential of Kalimpong. He added that the Cinchona Plantations in Rongo and Munsong are on the verge of shutting down under the TMC government and yet spreading rumours about privatization of cinchona plantations if BJP comes to power.

MP Bista stated that he aspires to transform cinchona plantations into a hub of medicinal plants and will bring these plantations under the AYUSH Ministry. He ensured the revival of the plantation by producing those medicinal plants that are in high demand across the world. Following this, employment opportunities for youths will rise. He asserted that this plan assures the protection of the livelihood of over 7000 cinchona plantation workers, including those in Mungpoo and Latpanchar.

Raju Bista stated, “Our government will allocate Rs 500 crore to promote organic farming in the region. We will also try and set up agricultural and horticulture institutions of national repute here. We will be focusing on employment generation through tourism, rural entrepreneurship, handloom-handicraft, and food processing.”

MP Bista urged the people to vote in favour of the BJP. He promised with the victory of the party Kalimpong will develop economically and socially.

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