Wife catches husband having extra-marital affair, goes to extreme step out of anger 

A strange case has come to light in the Jiyagura area near Hyderabad. Due to her husband’s affair with another woman, the wife threw hot oil on her husband out of anger. At present, the husband is admitted to the hospital. The injured has been identified as Giridhar Lal Ramesh and his wife has been identified as Renuka. 

Reportedly, a few years ago the couple were living with their family in a rented house in Jiyagura. After this Giridhar Lal Ramesh had a love affair with a woman from the neighbourhood. Due to this, he allegedly started ignoring his wife and children and his responsibilities towards his family.

Renuka caught her husband red-handed with the woman on Tuesday. After which a dispute arose between the duo during the time when Renuka was cooking food. It is alleged that in anger, Renuka poured boiling oil on her husband. Many parts of Giridhar’s body were burnt by the hot oil.

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