Water wastage caught on cameras across wards amid crisis in Siliguri

Siliguri, 15th May: Siliguri grapples with a severe drinking water shortage this summer, leaving residents in various wards struggling to access water. The situation has escalated with long queues and reports of crisis emerging from different areas of the city.

However, cameras have captured instances of water wastage in Ward No. 05, 10, 20, 23, 24, and 28, highlighting the pressing issue of inefficiency and negligence.

Reportedly, water is being squandered due to faulty taps, either lacking taps altogether or suffering from repeated thefts and damages, across the city. Despite efforts to address the issue by fixing taps, ongoing incidents of vandalism and theft continue to worsen the problem.

In this regard, Siliguri Mayor Gautam Deb emphasized ongoing efforts to rectify the situation, urging citizens to remain vigilant and cooperate in preventing further wastage.

Meanwhile, Siliguri MLA Shankar Ghosh acknowledged the rampant theft of taps, resulting in substantial daily water wastage. He proposed leveraging new technologies to curb wastage and offered assistance to the Mayor in combating the issue.

Notably, the Siliguri Municipal Corporation is actively engaged in resolving the water crisis, employing measures including the introduction of tankers and water pouches to alleviate the situation.

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