Voluntary blood donation festival held on behalf of the Siliguri Suryanagar Samajkalyan Sanstha

Siliguri, 17th January: A traveling voluntary blood donation festival has been organized on behalf of the Siliguri Suryanagar Samajkalyan Sanstha. The festival will run from January 10 to 26. The event commenced in front of the Siliguri Kanchenjunga Stadium through a procession.

Abhijit Niyogi, General Secretary of the Suryanagar Samajkalyan Sanstha, stated that the 21st voluntary blood donation festival will continue till January 26. With the help of various organizations in 8 districts of North Bengal and 16 blood banks, the organization has set a target of collecting 2500 units of blood through 55 blood donation camps. The representatives of various schools, colleges and different voluntary organizations were also sighted during the procession.

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