Viral video of TMC leader Goutam Deb threatening a 'sanyasi' sparks criticism

Siliguri, 08th April: As soon as the video of Trinamool leader Goutam Deb threatening a man during his election campaign surfaced, the BJP leaders raised their voices against the event.

"If you oppose us (TMC), you will be evicted. I am Goutam Deb and I am a man of my words," Goutam Deb can be heard saying in the video.

"I am also a sanyasi. Don't teach me about sanyasi," Deb replied when the man said that he is just a mere 'sanyasi' (hermit). The TMC leader can also be heard cautioning the man not to support the BJP and that the Modi government will not come to power in the state.

Later addressing the media, Goutam Deb said that only a part of the entire video has been surfaced. He claimed that a "so-called" ashram is being run on an encroached government land where the RSS-BJP often hold their meetings. He said that it is illegal to organize such gatherings on government land and asserted that he was opposing the practice in the said video.

Meanwhile, BJP candidate Shikha Chatterjee arrived to meet the aforementioned hermit, identified as Sudhakrishna Das Goswami Maharaj. She alleged that Goutam Deb is behaving in such a way out of frustration.

"We will inform the Election Commission about the matter. A minister cannot speak such things," Chatterjee added.

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