Villagers of Purba Haricharan Bhita living amid erosion threat from Karatoa River

Rajganj, 24th July: The people of Purba Haricharan Bhita village in Rajganj are living in constant fear due to the erosion caused by the Karatoa River flowing through the village. The absence of a dam on the river poses a significant threat, and there are concerns that if a dam is not constructed soon, the village may be wiped off the map. Residents are urgently demanding the construction of a dam to protect their homes and lands.

Purba Haricharan Bhita village, situated under Binnaguri Gram Panchayat of Rajganj, is home to around 30 families who have been residing there for many years. With the Karatoa River on one side and the Hariya River on the other, the village faces an annual challenge during the rainy season when the river dam frequently breaks. This recurring erosion has caused land loss for many villagers, with portions of their property being swallowed by the river.

The constant threat of their houses being washed away by the river during heavy rains has left the villagers in a state of panic and sleepless nights. Understandably, the community is desperate for a dam to be constructed to safeguard their lives and livelihoods.

Dhananjay Mallick, a local resident and member of the Panchayat Samiti, who won in the recent elections, highlighted that the former Gram Panchayat board had not taken action to build a dam on the river. However, with the formation of a new board, he assured that the Panchayat Samiti would make efforts to address the pressing issue and work towards constructing the much-needed dam for the safety and security of the village.

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