Vice President of District Council provides financial help for the District Conference of Krishak Sabha

Jalpaiguri, 10th January: Dulal Debnath, the Vice-President of the Jalpaiguri District Council and the District President of the Trinamool’s Kisan Khet Mazdoor Organization, provided 8 thousand rupees from his salary for the District Conference of the CPI (M) Krishak Sabha.

The members of the CPI (M)’s Jalpaiguri District Savichmandali and former MP Jiten Das arrived at the Jalpaiguri District Council to collect donations, on Thursday. Dulal Debnath called the former MP and provided him the financial help from his salary.

He further stated that he will provide two quintals of rice for the Conference. Senior CPI (M) leader Jiten Das stated that he visited the District Council after a long time. Dulal Debnath stated that he is very happy to help a leader like Jiten Das.

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