Unseasonal rains destroy chili cultivation in Rajganj

Rajganj, 05th March: The farmers in Gajoldoba are expecting a huge loss, this year, as unseasonal rains have destroyed the green chili cultivation in the area. The farmers had received a huge profit from the green chili cultivation, last year. However, the farmers have been worried sick due to the unseasonal rains, this year.

Kalachand Roy, a farmer, stated that green chilies are cultivated on 400 bighas of land in the Gajoldoba area. Roy further stated that although the green chili cultivation in 1 bigha land yielded about 5 to 6 bags, last year, however, only 1 to 2 bags were yielded, this year. Roy also stated that most of the farmers have no idea as to what kind of manure and pesticides should be used to cultivate green chilies. He further stated that any help from the Agriculture Officer would benefit the farmers immensely.

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