United Forum of All Tribal Organization stage protest in support of several demands in Phansidewa

Phansidewa, 08th June. The United Forum of All Tribal Organizations had called for a 12-hour strike in West Bengal protesting against distortion of tribal history and the inclusion of non-tribals in the Scheduled Tribe (ST) list by altering the Cultural Research Institute (CRI) report.

In this regard, the United Forum of All Tribal Organizations, along with the rest of the state, blocked the National Highway (NH) in Phansidewa. Following this, traffic congestion was witnessed in NH 31D.

Meanwhile, police reached the spot and tried to take control of the situation. Subsequently, after two hours, the protest was lifted following the assurance of the police and the BDO. Later, a memorandum was handed over to the BDO on behalf of the organization. Speaking in this regard, the BDO stated that the report of the entire matter will be submitted to the SDO.

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