Union MoS John Barla and MLA Vishal Lama stage ‘dharna’ at Dooars Kanya in Alipurduar

Alipurduar, 08th November: Union Minister of State John Barla and Kalchini MLA Vishal Lama staged a sit-in protest with the tea garden workers in front of the Dooars Kanya administrative building in Alipurduar.

According to reports, Union MoS John Barla paid a visit to the closed Kalchini Tea Estate, on Tuesday, and stated that he would speak with the District Collector to address the issue. On Wednesday, Union Minister John Barla and MLA Vishal Lama went to visit the District Magistrate of Alipurduar in Dooars Kanya along with the employees of the shut tea estate.

Upon arriving at the location, the ministers witnessed a barricade erected by the police administration in front of Dooars Kanya blocking the entrance. As a result, the ministers stood alongside the workers and staged a ‘dharna’ in favor of their demands.

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