Two youths from Siliguri step forward to help a needy couple of Dhupguri

Siliguri, 10th June: Two youths from Siliguri came forward to help a disabled couple. Swapan Sarkar and his wife Jayanti Sarkar are residents of Hospital Para in Ward No. 08 of Dhupguri Municipality. Swapan is visually impaired and his wife is differently abled. They live in severe crisis with their two children.

As per the information, Swapan Sarkar used to run his family by selling street snacks (jhalmuri). As his eyesight began to worsen with time, working was no longer an option for him and hence was left with no source of income.

Upon learning about the matter, two youths from Siliguri, Abhishek and Abhijit Banerjee alias Chand, left Siliguri for Dhupguri. They met the needy family and provided them ration of two months. They also promised to send money to their bank account every month as per their ability.

Abhijit Banerjee said, "I feel very happy to stand by their side. We will help the needy in the coming days as well."

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