Two women posing as beggars arrested for pickpocketing in Siliguri

Siliguri, 22nd January: A recent video has surfaced over social media that showed women begging with infants in their arms and surrounding passers-by walking on a road or path. The video went viral causing people to be alert and careful of such a gang that steals under the pretext of begging. 


Reportedly, on Saturday afternoon two female helpers surrounded MD Kadir, a resident of Araria, Bihar, on the road carrying infants in their arms. After this, both of them started demanding money from Qadir. After some time, Qadir realized that a sum of Rs 50,000-60,000 went missing which he had in his possession realizing that it was stolen. After this Qadir lodged a written complaint at the Panitanki Out Post.



Based on the complaint, the police started investigating the matter. On Sunday morning the Panitanki Out Post police detained two women who were begging with infants and children in their arms. On interrogating the said women after taking them into custody, both the women confessed to their crimes. Along with this, Rs 21,000 were also recovered from both women. The police of Panitanki Out Post today arrested the women and produced them in the Siliguri court.

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