Two students, out of three, studying in Ukraine reach Siliguri amid tensions

Siliguri, 24th February: Around 242 Indians, mainly students studying MBBS, stranded in Ukraine safely returned to India amid tensions. Three students among the others hail from Siliguri. Sukriti Dey and Bitan Basu reached Siliguri today, while Ananya Moitro is presently in Delhi. The families of the three youths breathe a deep sigh of relief. 
Meanwhile, Pritam Malakar, a student of Siliguri, is still trapped in his college, Poltava Medical University, in Ukraine.
Air raid sirens rang out in downtown Kyiv on Thursday as cities across Ukraine were hit with what Ukrainian officials said were Russian missile strikes and artillery.
According to reports, citizens were headed for underground metro stations to take shelter, as authorities declared martial law in the face of what they fear is a full-scale invasion.
As per the information, as many as 40 Ukrainian soldiers and around 10 civilians have been killed by Russian shelling. Meanwhile, Ukraine also announced that it killed ‘around 50 Russian occupiers’ without providing details. The casualties are the latest in a series of fast-paced developments that began when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine early Thursday. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s ambassador to India urged PM Narendra Modi to contact Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr to mediate the crisis.
(Internet Inputs)

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