Two injured in head-on collision of pickup van and bike in Rajganj

Rajganj, 03rd August: A tragic accident unfolded in the Chhota Nawapara area of Fulbari-Ambari Teesta Canal Road where a motorcycle was crushed under a pick-van loaded with oxygen cylinders. Following this, occupants of the two-wheeler sustained severe injuries.

According to reports, the collision occurred on Thursday evening when the pickup truck laden with oxygen cylinders was en route from Siliguri to Ambari. During this, the two-wheeler was crossing the road in the Chhota Nawapara region and the van slammed into the bike.

Subsequently, the gravely injured individuals were recovered and immediately transported to a private hospital in Fulbari with the assistance of the locals. Upon being notified, the Nawapara Highway Traffic Guard swiftly arrived at the scene. The two vehicles involved in the accident were retrieved and the incident is currently under further police investigation.

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