Two houses in Ward No. 42 Bhupendra Nagar collapsed due to heavy downpour

Siliguri, 01st September: Two residences and a high drain in Siliguri Ward No. 42 Bhupendra Nagar area collapsed after heavy rain lashed out across the city since last night. However, the people living inside the houses were evacuated before the incident.

Reportedly, the high drain started to develop cracks in the past few days and eventually collapsed last night. Meanwhile, a landslide also occurred a few meters away from the area.

Earlier, when the matter was brought to the notice of the administrative officials, apart from repairing the embankment, every house owner was supplied sandbags to prevent erosion.

After learning about the unfortunate incident, several people arrived at the scene to meet the family members on Tuesday morning. Besides, several other houses in the area are lying in a pitiful condition. Residents demanded immediate repair in this regard.

Meanwhile, the concerned department initiated repair work in the area to prevent erosion.

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