Two bisons wreak havoc in Satali village of Kalchini block

Kalchini, 13th May: Sensation prevailed after two bisons wreaked havoc in East Satali village under the Kalchini block. Straying from the Buxa Tiger Reserve forest, the bisons entered the residential area early in the morning, triggering chaos and panic among the villagers. They caused extensive damage to the areca plantations before moving towards the Mendabari area.

Upon being notified, the forest workers from Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara Forest Department swiftly arrived at the scene. Their immediate priority was to guide the bisons back to the safety of the forest. While one bison managed to retreat, the other remained in the village, posing a continued threat. After persistent efforts, the forest workers successfully controlled the situation by administering a tranquilizer to the roaming bison. 

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