Two arrested for duping people with fake gold in Siliguri 

Siliguri, 07th February: The police of Panitanki Out Post arrested two men for scamming people by showing them fake gold. The arrested accused have been identified as Rakibul Sheikh and Asraful Sheikh. Reportedly, based on a person’s complaint, the police of Panitanki Out Post arrested both of the accused.

According to the information received, on Monday, the duo went out on the road to con people taking the rickshaw and a bicycle. Later, as soon as a man sat in the said rickshaw, the conmen started with their plan. One of them pretended to find a bundle on the road which looked like gold that was dropped by the other accomplice. After this, the person sitting on the rickshaw mistook it for gold and took it from the man by giving them about Rs 40,000. But later when he examined the gold, he realized he became a victim of fraud.

After this, the said person lodged a written complaint at the Panitanki Out Post. The police started investigating the matter and arrested both thugs within 12 hours. After this, the police produced both the accused in the Siliguri court today.

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