Trinamool District Congress steps up after schools in Siliguri ask for fee deposit amid lockdown

Siliguri, 07th April: Accusations have raised against English-medium schools in Siliguri of demanding the guardians to deposit the admission fees of the students. This raised many eyebrows as the country is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the move has made a huge impact on people’s economy.

In this regard, the Darjeeling District Trinamool Congress wrote a letter to the schools and urged the authorities to change their minds especially during such a time of crisis. Discussions with the principals of various schools were also held.

Trinamool Congress Darjeeling District President Ranjan Sarkar stated that most of the schools have accepted the TMC’s request and added that he expects the other schools to cooperate with the general public amid the coronavirus outbreak.

7 thoughts on “Trinamool District Congress steps up after schools in Siliguri ask for fee deposit amid lockdown

  1. Minu agarwal says:

    Please give concession in transportation fees n time to pay annual fees.. during this lockdown we r also going through financial crisis and no hike in fees this yr

  2. Yesha Nayak says:

    Yes, schools must give time to pay annual fee….also no fee hike shud be done this year N concession on transportation n monthly fee if the lockdown extends…

  3. Joydeep Dutta says:

    I would request the school authorities to exumpt the transportation fee (for the month of April)as well as readmission fee (those schools who take)as everyone is under financial crisis.

  4. Dr Tanushree R Peters says:

    Schools should be sensitive to the needs of the guardians and stand with solidarity in this hour of crisis .There should be atleast a 50%reduction in Annual fees and transportation fees .

  5. Mandira Sharma says:

    Yes school should think towards the parents at this time of crisis. We parents never say anything about the fees otherwise, at this time it’s quite tough for us. So, I think school too must show there concern towards us. Atlist 50% relaxation should be given in annual fee and consideration in transportation fee.

  6. Jay prakash raman says:

    School should consider the parents problem.
    When school is closed no any students go to school . It means transportation charge should not be collected from the guardian.

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