Trinamool accused of assaulting BJP worker in Bagdogra, BJP submits memorandum

Bagdogra, 10th June: Tensions flared in Bagdogra as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Mandal Committee accused Trinamool Congress (TMC) activists of assaulting BJP worker Manoranjan Barman. The incident occurred following a victory procession held by the BJP at Ranidanga on Sunday to celebrate Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony and BJP’s victory in the Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat.

Reportedly, BJP worker Manoranjan Barman was allegedly verbally abused by Trinamool activists after the procession. The situation escalated when several TMC leaders, including the vice president of Gossainpur Trinamool, reportedly attacked Barman at his home. According to the BJP, Barman was called outside and beaten.

In response, the Lower Bagdogra-Gossainpur Mandal BJP submitted a memorandum to the Bagdogra Police Station, demanding punishment for those responsible. The BJP Mandal President highlighted that this was not an isolated incident, noting a previous assault on the BJP youth president during the Lok Sabha election results announcement.

Conversely, TMC’s Upa-Pradhan Amrit Lal Sarkar dismissed the BJP’s allegations as baseless, claiming ignorance about the altercation’s specifics and accusing the BJP of assaulting a Trinamool worker.

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