Trespassers face hostility after they enter Siliguri Harijan Basty amid coronavirus panic

Siliguri, 16th April: A group of trespassers encountered hostility of locals after they entered the Siliguri North Colony Harijan Basty area, late Wednesday night.

The locals alleged that around 8-9 men, entered the area in a car and headed straight to the railway quarter. After this, 4-5 of them left for Ambikanagar on a motorcycle.

The locals strongly objected to them staying in the area as the men had traveled from outside and no one was familiar to them. The police were immediately informed regarding the incident.

Upon confrontation, it was learned that the men were residents of Murshidabad. With this, the locals protested and gheraoed the outsiders until the police reached the scene.

The NJP police eventually brought the situation under control and after questioning the men, the police sent the entire gang to a quarantine center.

On the other hand, the police strictly instructed the residents of the rail quarter to self-quarantine in their respective houses for a few days. The police have launched an investigation into the whole incident.

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