Tragic accident claims young man’s life on Cooch Behar Dinhata state highway

Cooch Behar, 26th August: In a heart-wrenching incident, a young man lost his life in a tragic accident on the Garopara stretch of the Dinhata state highway. The deceased has been identified as Mofizul Haque.

Reportedly, the accident unfolded when Haque was en route from New Cooch Behar station to Dinhata in an auto-rickshaw. Eyewitnesses report that the unfortunate incident transpired suddenly, as Haque inexplicably fell onto the road in the Garopara area. Tragically, a National Transport Association of North Bengal operated bus behind the auto struck Haque, resulting in fatal injuries that claimed his life on the spot.

In an attempt to evade the collision, the bus driver made a sharp turn, causing the bus to overturn on the road. This resulted in injuries to the bus driver, who was promptly rushed to the Cooch Behar Medical College and Hospital for medical treatment. Police were swiftly notified of the incident and arrived at the scene to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

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