Traders of Fulbari Canal Road remove shops from roadside

Rajganj, 25th December: Following the instructions of the administration, traders of Fulbari Canal Road removed the shops from the roads. Meanwhile, the traders are disappointed over not receiving any compensation from the government.

Reportedly, several shops have sprung up along the roadside in Murder More area of ​​Fulbari considering the significance of Fulbari-Gajoldoba Canal Road. However, due to the increase in the number of accidents on the said road, the administration has geared up to tighten traffic control in the area. Hence, instructions were given to remove the shops built along the canal road.

In view of this, today, the traders themselves removed their shops from the roadside. The businessmen said that they have been running their shop on Canal Road for 5 years and some for 15 years. With the shops being the only source of income, they expressed disappointment over the administration’s decision. They demanded compensation from the government.

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