Trader’s body found hanging from a noose in Champasari Bazar

Siliguri, 07th June: Sensation prevailed after the body of a man was found hanging from a noose in the Siliguri Ward No. 46 Champasari bazaar area. The deceased has been identified as Goutam Bardhan, a trader as well as a resident of Baghajatin Colony.

The matter came to light after a trader, on Sunday morning, opened his shop and sighted the lifeless body of Goutam hanging from a noose. The incident was then immediately reported to the Champasari Market Committee and the Pradhan Nagar Police.

Upon receiving the news, the police reached the spot shortly after and sent it to North Bengal Medical College-Hospital for an autopsy.

Bapi Saha, President of the Champasari Market Committee, stated that he learned about the unfortunate incident and added that it is not clear whether the matter is a case of suicide or not.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident.

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