Toto driver arrested in Siliguri for smuggling of banned cough syrup for mere Rs 200

Siliguri, 31st July: In a significant breakthrough, the Special Operations Group (SOG) and the police of Pradhan Nagar Police Station apprehended an accused toto (e-rickshaw) driver involved in attempted trafficking of banned cough syrup in Siliguri. The suspect, identified as Rohit Yadav, resides in the Pokai Jote area under Ward No. 46 of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC).

According to reports, Rohit had limited involvement in smuggling activities for monetary gain and had managed to evade previous police arrests. On Sunday night, Rohit was found near Champasari More, allegedly attempting to smuggle a large quantity of banned cough syrup and searching for potential buyers.

Upon receiving this information, the SOG and Pradhan Nagar Police collaborated and detained Rohit Yadav on suspicion. During the search, they found banned cough syrups cleverly concealed in a bag. During the interrogation, the accused admitted to agreeing to smuggle the banned cough syrup for a meager sum of Rs 200. Today, Rohit Yadav was presented before the Siliguri Court.

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