Tortured by daughter-in-law, elderly woman seeks police help in Rajganj

Rajganj, 06th December: Being tortured and humiliated by her daughter-in-law, an elderly woman approached the police seeking justice at old age. The incident surfaced from the Purba Dhantala area of Rajganj Fulbari-2 gram panchayat.

According to local sources, Mahadev Biswas, a resident of Purba Dhantala, used to live with his wife Sabita and elderly mother Shyamdasi Biswas. However, Biswas now lives elsewhere for the past several years due to frequent disagreements with his wife. It has been learned that Sabita currently works at a private hospital in Siliguri.

The victim alleged that her daughter-in-law has been torturing and abusing her for many years. And that her son left the house due to the same reason.

Residents, Soma Mandal and Mahamaya Biswas, also accused Sabita of abusing her mother-in-law and alleged that the poor woman is not provided with good food. This has also affected the environment of their locality to a great extent, they further added.

Meanwhile, Sabita Biswas denied all allegations of her mother-in-law and neighbours and called it baseless. She asserted that they are conspiring against her.

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