TMC Workers' organization issued memorandum to IOC authorities

Siliguri, 08th February: Six workers' organizations of the NJP Truck Owners Association have stopped supplying oil from IOC in demand for an increase in the allowance of truck drivers. While the said protest has been continuing for a long time, trucks of other organizations have now started supplying oil in the old tender.

In view of this, the Trinamool Congress Workers' organization approached IOC once again and handed over a memorandum on Monday requesting to supply oil at the old price. The IOC authorities have assured that the solution will be obtained as per the instructions of the higher authorities. 

In this regard, Bikash Sarkar, on behalf of the organization, said that an increase in allowance was demanded for a long time. He alleged that around 60 vehicles were not allowed to enter the terminus. Hence, a memorandum was issued today.

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