TMC submitted memorandum to Ashok Bhattacharya in support of various demands

Siliguri, 08th October: The Darjeeling Trinamool district president Ranjan Sarkar expressed outrage over the role of Siliguri Municipal Corporation and stated that the city needs to be garbage-free within the next seven days. Failing which, they themselves will initiate the process to cleanse the city.

Sarkar alleged that while SMC takes several initiatives every year before Durga puja, no such steps have been taken so far, this year. No road repair work has been done after the monsoons and no allowances were paid to the needy. Hence, the opposition co-ordinators of SMC approached Ashok Bhattacharya today concerning these issues.

On Thursday, he handed over a memorandum to Bhattacharya demanding SMC to take appropriate action within the next seven days.

On the other hand, Ashok Bhattacharya said that developmental work has been pending for the past several days due to the ongoing pandemic, heavy downpour, and the ill health of the municipality officials. He assured to take necessary steps soon.

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