TMC Govt imposing unconstitutional GTA forcefully: MP Raju Bista

The State Election Commission in regards to the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) election, on Friday, issued a directive stating that the election will be held on 26th June 2022. In this regard, Darjeeling MP Raju Bista stated that by issuing the notification for election to GTA, despite the “people of Darjeeling-Kalimpong region have overwhelmingly rejected”, the TMC government is “blatantly” misusing its powers.

“This showcases both the desperation of the TMC government and their dictatorial attitude towards our region and people,” the MP added.

“In a democracy, the will of the people is paramount…The political parties that signed the GTA Agreement have pulled out of it, the Central Government which is one of the signatories to the GTA Agreement of 2011 is working toward a Permanent Political Solution. Yet, the West Bengal government is trying to impose this illegal GTA on our region to keep themselves away from the tripartite talks,” Bista stated.

He accused the state government of depriving the people of basic needs by not holding Panchayat elections in the region for the past 20-years. Furthermore, depriving the region of over Rs 5000 crores in Panchayat related development funds and projects.

“It is apparent to everyone that GTA is not meant for the benefit of the people from Darjeeling hills, Terai and Dooars. It cannot fulfil the aspirations of the people from our region, nor can it develop our region. There are no opportunities for our youths, who have been forced to travel to distant cities in search of employment and livelihood opportunities. Under TMC, there has been no development in our region, rather our region has been deliberately kept deprived and discriminated against. While the general public suffered, those who misused GTA funds have become ‘crore-patis’,” he added.

“We have to realise that TMC will never want the people from Darjeeling hills, Terai and Dooars to regain their self-respect. We have to become aware that TMC wants our people to continue suffering, and recognize the basic fact that TMC is never sincere towards the betterment of our region and people.

Now is the right time for all the like-minded political parties, civil societies, public organisations and individuals to come together against GTA. We cannot allow the WB Govt, and a few greedy individuals to compromise with the future of our region, people and children anymore,” Bista stated.

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