Three-day Shramik Mela organized in Siliguri

Siliguri, 31st January: A three-day Shramik Mela commenced at Siliguri’s Dagapur Complex Grounds, from today. The Mela was inaugurated by the State Tourism Minister, Goutam Deb, and the Minister-in-charge of Judicial and Law Department, Moloy Ghatak, by lighting a lamp.

In the programme, cheques amounting to 2 lakh rupees each were provided to the families of the five workers who died during accidents. Also, a separate stall has been set up for the workers who have not been enrolled under the Shramik Suraksha Yojana so that they can be registered.

Addressing the workers, the Tourism Minister Goutam Deb stated that the workers, who have not received any government facility, will receive them with the help of the Mela. Minister Moloy Ghatak, on the other hand, praised the State Government and stated that only 23 lakh workers were enrolled under the Shramik Suraksha Yojana during the Left Government’s reign, but the Government led by Trinamool Congress has enrolled more than 1 crore workers between 2014 and 2019 under the scheme. He further stated that this proves that the Trinamool Government is for the poor and the workers.

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