Thousands of Aadhaar cards found dumped in Ashigarh

Siliguri, 03rd August: Sensation prevailed after thousands of Aadhaar cards and other important documents were found dumped on the streets and ground in Ashigarh Kankata More, on Tuesday morning.

The locals spotted several Aadhaar cards, bank documents, and other papers lying on the streets and ground in the said area and immediately informed the police. Upon receiving the news, the Ashigarh outpost police reached the spot shortly after and recovered the documents.

Locals also found the long-lost Aadhaar cards of their family members. They complained that they had been looking for their lost Aadhaar cards at the post office for a long time. They expressed outrage over the issue. Meanwhile, it has been learned that some waste pickers laid out the Aadhaar cards and other documents in the open for sun drying.

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