Those who do not see any development in North Bengal should put two drops of ‘Harpic’ in their eyes: TMC Minister Udayan Guha

Siliguri, 21st November: Trinamool Congress has organized a massive protest march in Siliguri today, including four districts, against the bifurcation of Bengal. North Bengal Development Minister Udayan Guha arrived in Siliguri to attend the said protest march. Taking jibe against people who have opposed TMC for not bringing development in North Bengal, he snidely remarked to put two drops of “Harpic” in their eyes before sleeping at night. 

A press conference was held at a hotel in Mallaguri today. During this, North Bengal Development Minister Udayan Guha while addressing the journalists said that at the behest of the BJP some people have turned a blind eye to the development of North Bengal. He further asked them to get their eyes tested before raising any question of development against TMC. 

Minister Udayan Guha also added that with the approach of elections the BJP has started demanding to make North Bengal a separate state or UT unnecessarily trying to create unrest. Strongly opposing such division of Bengal, he claimed his stand against it. Furthermore, Udayan Guha targeted two Union Ministers of BJP Nisith Pramanik and John Barla.

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