Thieves loot gold shop posing as customers in Rajganj, theft caught on CCTV

Rajganj, 27th May: In a shocking incident, two individuals managed to pilfer gold jewellery worth several lakhs of rupees from a gold shop by disguising themselves as customers. The entire episode was captured on the shop’s CCTV camera, intensifying the sensation surrounding the incident. The theft occurred on Friday afternoon at a gold shop located in Belakoba market.

According to eyewitnesses, the two culprits entered the shop posing as potential buyers of gold jewellery. They engaged the shop owner in conversation while requesting to see various ornaments, including gold chains and earrings. Seizing the opportunity, they skillfully diverted the shopkeeper’s attention and swiftly made off with gold ornaments worth lakhs of rupees, leaving the scene undetected. It was only after the suspects had fled that the shop owner became aware of the theft. Reviewing the CCTV footage, the full extent of the crime came to light.

Dilip Chakraborty, the owner of the gold shop, revealed that approximately 21 grams and 400 milligrams of gold jewellery had been stolen by the culprits. The estimated market value of the stolen items is around Rs 1.5 lakhs. He further noted that the thieves conversed in Hindi and claimed to be residents of Delhi, temporarily residing in Jalpaiguri. In response to the incident, Dilip Chakraborty promptly lodged a complaint at the Belakoba police station, prompting an immediate investigation by the authorities.

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