Thieves burgled in broad daylight in Siliguri, took away jewellery worth lakhs

Siliguri, 30th November: Terror has gripped Siliguri with incidents of burglary and robbery surfacing every day or two. The high spirits of the thieves can be gauged from the fact that they have started committing theft in broad daylight. The incident took place in broad daylight in the Bhalobasa More area under the NJP police station. 

Thieves burgled on the house of Sanjay Das this morning. Reportedly, doing his usual activity Sanjay Das went out to sell fish in the market this morning. Later other members of the house also went to work. After this, taking advantage of the vacant house, the thieves broke open the lock and burgled. The thieves fled away with gold jewellery worth lakhs of rupees including cash of Rs 70,000. 

When Sanjay Das came home, he saw that all the belongings were laid scattered, and thus he understood his house was burgled. On the other hand, the information about the incident was given to the police. NJP police reached the spot as soon as the news was received and started investigating the entire incident.

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