Thief caught after fleeing with a mobile phone from an office in Siliguri

Siliguri, 15th February: In a recent development, a thief was caught by the office staff after stealing a mobile phone from an office in Siliguri’s College Para.

As per reports, on Thursday afternoon, an individual arrived at an office located in College Para on the pretext of drinking water. Subsequently, seeing an opportunity, he fled with a mobile phone from the counter. After the incident came to light, the office staff identified the thief by examining the CCTV footage.

Meanwhile, the thief was caught, tied to an electric pole, and beaten. During this, the hair of the accused was also allegedly cut. Later, the matter was informed to the Siliguri Police Station. Upon being alerted, the police arrived at the spot and took the accused into custody. Simultaneously, the police have initiated an investigation into the entire incident.

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