Theft of irrigation channel bricks upsets farmers of Rajganj

Rajganj, 02nd February: A surprising news surfaced from Rajganj’s Shikarpur area where bricks from the irrigation channels (field channels) made to irrigated farmlands are being broken down and sold.

The farmers of the Rajganj block of Jalpaiguri depend on Teesta water for farming. Farmers cultivate Boro paddy with irrigation water. According to the locals, about 15 years ago a field channel was constructed for irrigation and the farmers were encouraged for paddy cultivation. But in the recent turn of events, the field channels’ bricks are being stolen due to which, the farmers who depend on irrigation water are quite upset.

In this regard, Gram Panchayat head Ranjita Roy said that the information regarding the matter has been put forward to the Chairman of Rajganj Panchayat Samiti. An investigation into the matter has commenced.

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