Theft in Bhujiapani Kali Mandir in Bagdogra, valuables stolen

Bagdogra, 15th September: In a shocking incident, the Bhujiapani Kali Mandir in Bagdogra has fallen victim to theft. The miscreants struck, on Thursday night, coinciding with Kaushiki Amavasya, a sacred occasion. Miscreants forcibly entered the temple premises, breaking locks, and made off with valuable temple utensils, puja materials, and a sum of money from the donation box.

In this regard, members of the Temple Committee expressed their concern over the increasing number of drug addicts in the area, alleging that such incidents are on the rise due to this menace. They called for enhanced police patrolling during night hours to ensure the security of the temple and prevent further occurrences of theft.

Upon receiving the news of the incident, the Bagdogra police promptly arrived at the spot and initiated an investigation into the incident.

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