Theft in a house in East Hatiyadanga adjacent to Siliguri, miscreant left traces behind

Siliguri, 10th June: In an unusual incident of theft that surfaced from East Hatiyadanga adjacent to Siliguri city, miscreants indulged in theft on Friday night by entering the house by breaking the ventilator. However, the miscreants left behind traces in the form purse which contained documents such as Aadhar and voter cards.

According to reports, the owner entered the house and discovered the belongings of the house scattered and the lockers of three cupboards were broken. Miscreant made away with lakhs of rupees in cash and gold ornaments. Surprisingly, the owner noticed a black purse laying on the bed.

Following the incident, the matter was informed to the police of the Ashighar outpost. Meanwhile, police have initiated an investigation into the incident on the basis of the documents recovered in the said purse.

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