‘The Kerala Story’ film banned in State, BJP Leader takes girls from tea garden area to watch in Assam

Alipurduar, 15th May: The film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been banned in the state. However, BJP leader and former MP Dasrath Tirkey took the initiative to arrange a special screening of the film to raise awareness among girls residing in the tea garden area. Recognizing the demand from local girls, Tirkey organized a trip to Assam, where the film is currently running.

Responding to the requests from several girls in the local tea garden community, who expressed interest in watching ‘The Kerala Story,’ the BJP leader decided to facilitate their viewing. Given the film’s ban in the state, Tirkey took the step of securing 140 tickets at a cinema hall in Bongaigaon, Assam. Today, the girls and women from various locations within the Kumargram block, including Kumargram, Sankosh, and New Lands Tea Garden, embarked on the journey to Assam, arranged via two hired buses.

Dashrath Tirkey expressed his disapproval of the West Bengal Chief Minister’s decision to ban the film, alleging it to be a move to maintain her vote bank. He condemned the ban and shared his belief that despite the prohibition, many girls within the local tea garden communities were interested in watching the film. Consequently, arrangements were made to fulfill their wish and provide them with the opportunity to see the film.

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